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Feature daily 330df63455abd272e4267f3a847da682160a1393736a1e86e51378f3deaf3266 Daily status updates

Everybody on the team checks in daily; either in their browser or via email.

Feature statuses 9b4a97a4c8f48fab8d5cc684c421d3630093ddea4fe155dc58171b75a128d740 Done, goal, blocked

Always know what's done, what's getting done, and what can't be completed (and why).

Feature reports aff2c25d34bf33646c7c3103bcba32e1d3411d84a662b43a3a6413ff0bac12ce Robust reports

Get a high level view of your whole team or organization's progress over time.

Feature team 100b44bcc974de5615ad11efcd643b9f3aefda6496fa46d028c2d2e583e56d0d Management 2.0

Teams and organizations that use I Done This are more productive and more happy. Really!

I Done This is making teams better.

Yours could be one of them.

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