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  • Dan pink f11c0c6d03ddb13268aed64362edd8b9254d756d380205e1d1e159d3d6e1a418
    Dan Pink Author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

    Spending 60 seconds each night responding to that I Done This email gives me a hint about whether I’m really moving forward on stuff that matters.

  • Harley finklestein 6e6ed0cd096c9128952d682b9a8f264337513d41c5d0b2ee4b1b698606f6934d
    Harley Finklestein COO at Shopify

    I Done This is an incredible management tool which has provided me with unprecedented visibility into our productivity and the areas where we need to improve.

  • Andrew miklas 859b72f8f99b8c3ec5a13971bfa3efaa81ff926ba2a853aa2a59cf61179175cd
    Andrew Miklas CTO at PagerDuty

    Instead of adding more meetings, I can see what everyone is up to by simply checking my email.

  • Wade foster f335a48aad799a89732db7a33003f496840eb33b3d639664dfb2e5c54802fb30
    Wade Foster CEO at Zapier

    Super simple and super useful way to keep everyone up to date on what is actually getting accomplished in your company.

  • Roland osborne e3941bd5724b40cae07739edd13407652b69f9fccabb7f374d948930c33a7a1d
    Roland Osborne Co-Founder at Olark

    'Let's give this a shot', became a teamwide workflow in 2 days, and nobody complained!

  • Julie uhrman ec389eb18a825954991e7000aef546d211a91753a6ec9967d4a881a7db4a1c4e
    Julie Uhrman CEO at OUYA

    Great lens into what's going on in my organization. Moving fast, remote team members; I find this tool invaluable.

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